LTS Policies 

New Make up Lesson Policy

Please note the change to our make up lesson policy as of December 1st, 2019

A cancellation fee will only be applied upon booking a make-up lesson. A $10 cancellation fee will apply if a lesson is cancelled under 48 hours notice, over that there will be no charge.

We do not offer make up lessons for a make up lesson

Cancellations with under 6 hours’ notice are not accepted - these are considered "no shows" and will not be eligible for a make-up lesson. For scheduling reasons it's not feasible to cancel, notify the coaches and schedule another rider in this spot with under this much notice.

Cancellation of Service Policy 

If you would like to end an existing service (lessons, Part Board, Quarter Board, Lease etc.), we do require 30 days notice given to us via email.

Practice Ride Policies

We do not offer make up rides for practice rides. If extenuating circumstances are present, please email us to let us know and we MAY be able to 

accommodate a practice ride make up date however it may be on a different horse. 

Practice Ride Updated Policy

As of April 1st we will allow make-up practice rides for MAJOR MEDICAL or VACATIONS only (documentation may be required). These must be scheduled in the same way as make-up lessons (via email indicating your cancellation with a minimum of 48 hours notice or a late fee will apply). This does not mean we are allowing make-ups for all practice rides, so please do note the terms mentioned above. For all make-up practice rides we will do our best to schedule you on the horse/pony you QB or PB but please note it is not guaranteed so you are advised to check the schedule.