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LTS Show Team

June 18-20

June 25-27

July 2-4
July 9-11
August 20-22
August 27-29 
Playoffs: September 29- October 3 at Angelstone Tournaments

Congratulating our 2021 Show Team on a wonderful summer at the Silver & Gold Series shows!

Tessa Laughton on Headliner PF

Edwyna Laughton on Morton's Catbernet

Sophie Irwin on Peanut Butter

‚ÄčAllison Pierce on Last Tango 

Meagan Hunter on Saffiano 

Maria Vrsic on Venture K

Kennedy Furniss on Karmelle

Jolene Hart on Morton's Catbernet

Ainsley Beer on Lunar Eclipse 

Ainsley Beer on Coast Guard

Erin Shoss on Laughton's Inferno

Gemma Guest on Laughton's Beach Boy

Caitlyn Woods on Laughton's Beach Boy

Megan John on Pink Floyd

Madi Vita-Finzi on Bella Vita

Myah Rozon on Laughton's Daybreak

Izabela Savic on Laughton's Daybreak

Marcia Lembo on Laughton's Apollo

Sarah Connelly on Laughton's Apollo

Eva Glenn on Laughton's Crescendo

Hayden Kowatsch on Laughton's Black Tie Affair

Brooklyn Scott on Laughton's Kingston

Alex Marshall on Laughton's Abbylane

Show Team Requirements

Mandatory part-board, lease or own pony/horse as of in order to be a part of the LTS Show Team

Senior Team 

 2 lessons per week (private and group lesson or 2 group lessons). To qualify for the Playoffs you must place in the top 12 of the division

All riders must have their Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF), and Equine Canada Silver/ Gold (EC) and in order to attend a show 

All horses/ponies have updated passports and vaccinations 

The rider must have all required tack, equipment and clothing in order to show. 

HORSE: Leather halter and lead rope with chain, water buckets, clean saddle, bridle, martingale, white shaped saddle pad, LTS cooler or scrim, required grooming products, ring side tote

All horses showing are required to be braided. Braiding services organized through LTS

RIDERS: white show shirt, beige breeches, show jacket, black gloves, black small crop, field boots, hair net and approved helmet,