LTS Schoolies- May Sponsorship

As our doors remain closed due to COVID-19, we are seeking sponsorships and donations for our local Milton school horses. These horses help to teach all riders (beginners and advanced) what the sport of horseback riding is all about and how amazing horses truly are and we owe it to them to ensure that they do not notice what is happening in the world around them. We are offering four different sponsorship packages to help support our 'schoolies'. 

Silver Sponsorship: $10-$99. You will be mentioned on our website 

Gold Sponsorship: $100 -$299. You become a GOLD sponsor on our website (we can include a picture of yourself or your family or if you want to do this as a gift we will include whatever picture you send us) ´┐╝with a picture of the horse you chose!

Premium Sponsorship: $300- $499. You are the PREMIUM SPONSOR for the month you will ALSO receive a picture and a video weekly of your horse and a free meet and greet along with a tour of the farm once the restrictions are lifted from the government and our business reopens!

Platinum Sponsorship: $500+. You will receive a free lesson on your horse (if they are not suitable we will let you chose with us one that is appropriate example if she is pregnant or unsound we cannot let you ride them) plus everything in premium & gold sponsorships

** you do not get to retain any ownership or make any choices in regards to the horses health & daily routine ** Full ownership will remain as is with Tessa Laughton or Laughton training & sales inc.

Thank you to all our sponsors 

Steve Almeida

Purchased a Gold Sponsorship for Oz

Karen Lemire

Purchased a Premium Sponsorship for Danny

Rachael Reads to Save the School Horses

Thank you to Rachael for your Premium Sponsorship for our lovely school horses. Rachael thought she could read some of her horse, pony & favourite books at home to help raise money for local lesson barns & their horses in need by reading a horse book for her YouTube channel. 

Paige Webster 

Gold Sponsor for our lovely boy Kaden 

Alyson Shoss and Family

Gold Sponsor for our boy Ernie

Dallas Madigan

Graciously purchased a Premium Sponsorship for Oz

Deidre Wong

Gold Sponsor for Opie

Gold Sponsorship for Oliver 

Kevin Lindhorst and Family

Gold Sponsorship for one of our Donkeys 'Sweetie'


Gold Sponsorship for our Donkey 'Leah'

Stefanie MacDonald

Thank you so much for your Premium Sponsorship for our school horses

Liza Alexandernova

Thank you for your Silver Sponsorship to support our school horses

Caren Brown-Stockwell

Thank you for your Silver Sponsorship for Honey

Good Will Good Karma

Thank you for your generous sponsor of or school horses and all you do for other animals in need

Janet Squair

Thank you for your sponsorship of our school horses

James and Margaret Beer

Thank you for your sponsorship of our school horses