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Horses Sold at LTS

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Laugthon's Bay Street

Congratulations Olivia on your purchase of our stunning mare! Sold in less than 12 hours! 

September 2022

Laughton's Beach Boy

Congratulations Michelle on your purchase of this lovely boy for Holly, we know you will love him. 

August 2022


Congratulations Teagan on your purchase of this lovely boy! Sold in less then 48 hours! 

April 2022


Congratulations Sue! We cant wait to see how you and Bear progress!

Laughton's Tennessee Whiskey

Sold to Robyn Fraser and Fraser Field Farms.

October 2021


Sold to Robyn Fraser and Fraser Field Farms. Prior to even hitting the market. 

October 2021

South Beach L

Congratulations to the new owners of this lovely Filly.- Sold in less then 24Hrs!


Congratulations Kennedy on your purchase of this lovely mare We can't wait to see you continue to shine together! 

August 2021

Laughton's Caballero

Congratulations Paige on your purchase of this lovely hunter. We can't wait to see your growth together! 

April 2021


Congratulations Jen on your purchase of handsome gelding. May 2021

Romance PF

Congratulations Jolene on your purchase of this lovely hunter prospect. We can't wait to see your growth together. 

March 2021

Rio's Isabella

Congratulations Christine on your purchase on this lovely horse. January 2021

Crowns Dancer

Lovely Thoroughbred successfully sold. November 2020

Laughton's Indigo

Lovely Clyd cross successfully sold. November 2020

Laughton's El Dorado

Congratulations to Edwyna, Sophie, and Riley on your purchase of Banjo! What a fabulous Birthday surprise.

October 2020

Laughton's Uptown Girl

Congratulations to Izzy Przeclawski! Thank you to Mark for making this a fantastic birthday surprise.

May 2020

Laughton's Pennylane

Congratulations to Lauren Morrell.

Morton's Sable Kitten 

Congratulations Kim Bassett and Family on your. purchase of "Sable". She is a lovely pony who will do great things with her new family!

December 2019

Laughton's Lunar Eclipse 

Congratulations Ainsley Beer on your new horse “Luna”. We are very excited that she will be staying with us here and get a family of her own.

November 2019

Spanish Romance

Congratulations to Maja Ilic. 


Lovely Dutch Warmblood successfully sold. November 2019


Congratulations Gillian Clark. 

Morton's Mink Kitten  

Congratulations to Nora Kopaee on your purchase of Morton's Mink Kitten "Kitten". July 2019


 Sold to Robyn Fraser and Fraser Field Farms. Congratulations on your purchase of Laugthon's Lucky Charm. June 2019


Sold to Robyn Fraser and Fraser Field Farms. Congratulations on your purchase of Laugthon's Whiskey Business! June 2019


 Sold to STONEWOOD Equestrian. June 2019

Harmony L

 Sold to Kentucky USA

Please Inquire with us if you are interested in one of our quality warmbloods for sale. Shipping to the USA is available as well as paperwork required 


Congratulations to Becky Kenning


 Imported warmblood hunter gelding sold in 2017


 Sold with the help of Iron horse performance ponies to the USA 


Sold to Shawn McAdams

16.3h beautiful dressage mare that was also an amazing jumper 


Sold to Olivia Kole May 2019


 Sold in 2016


 Beautiful Medium pony sold to the Ottawa area.


 Sold to Sue Conway as a new dressage mount 


 Sold in 2018 


 Sold to Madi Vita Finzi as a surprise in summer 2018. Thank you Penny and Alex Vita Finzi for making Madi's dream come true. 


 Sold to Frances Fahy in Halifax Nova Scotia


 Sold to Maria Vrsic as a surprise at Trillium Champs back in 2017. Your purchase of Laughton's Serindipity was so lovely to see. Thank you Mike and Roula for making Sunny's dream of finding her own girl  come true. 


 Congratulations to Paige Aviss. 


 Congratulations Shelby Knowles on your lovely large pony. 


 Beautiful 16.1h appendix gelding sold to the Beaton family 


 Congratulations to Stephanie Besser (Sold in 2017) who will be moving him home to Germany- all the best to both of you!